Having lived in San Blas his whole life and being fluent in both Spanish and English, Guillermo Rodriguez is the local tour guide you want by your side as you explore what this beautiful town has to offer. Aside from the many bird watching and boat trips offered in the area, Guillermo will work with you to put together your dream itinerary so that you can truly make the most of your day doing the things you love to do with no limitations. Whether you want to hike to Cora Falls, check out the La Contaduria fort, or relax on the best beaches, Guillermo is your resource.


As a surf instructor with eight years of experience, Guillermo offers lessons for beginners through advanced level surfers. Beginners start with a beach lesson on Borrego Beach to warm up, stretch and learn the basics of jumping up on a board before getting in the water. At the intermediate level, surfers will learn how to ride and carve a wave and how to distinguish good waves. Alternative surf breaks for beginner to intermediate levels include the breakwater, Matanchen Bay, and Los Platanitos Beach. Upon request, Guillermo can take intermediate to advanced surfers to other secret local points and breaks. Guillermo also has lifeguard experience and provides safety for his clients.


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