San Blas, Nayarit is surrounded by amazing landscapes and natural wonders. I love revisiting the same places at different times of the year because there´s always something new to see. On the Cora falls hike, bats and birdlife are always a guarantee, but in the dry season, I´ve seen a nine-banded armadillo and in the wet season, a wide array of frogs and newts and once I even saw a river otter. I have visited Platanitos Beach many times with friends to camp, fish and surf, and the unlimited supply of coconuts alone makes it worth it. But there´s one trip in particular that really stands out.

One weekend I took a tourist couple to go camping by the Platanitos estuary and learn to surf. To reach this beach, access usually involves swimming across the estuary on surf boards with gear in plastic bags. Upon arrival, after crossing all our gear, we set up camp and then went about collecting coconuts and firewood. I showed my guests how to peel and open the mature coconuts. As the sunset threw beautiful colors across the sky, we built our campfire and sipped our coconuts. Once during turtle nesting season (spring), I came across a turtle laying a nest; most beaches in the area are nest beaches and this beach has a turtle camp dedicated to relocating and protecting nests until hatching. This trip was in November and there were no sea turtles, but there was something else awaiting us. We decided to take a night swim and experienced the most brilliant bioluminescence I´ve ever seen. The waves were lit up, and any disturbance to the water scared fish which could be seen clearly swimming away illuminated by the sparkling plankton.

The next day the waves were good and I taught my students to surf.

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