Stoner’s Point on a calm day

A visit to famous Stoner’s point on a calm day. This point is famous for surfing big waves when a good swell comes through. On calm days like this, locals can be seen fishing or harvesting oysters among the rocks, and one can enjoy a tranquil day at the beach with few other people around to disturb the peace.

On the wildlife – This day a ‘coati’ or hog-nosed racoon sauntered up the trail but he spooked when we said Hi and scampered away. Make no mistake, mosquitoes can be horrendous, and are key to scaring away the masses no doubt, but a good breeze or a smokey fire will do wonders to warding the bugs off. Tidal pools feature crabs, hermit crabs, anemones, snails and small fish at low tide, and mole crabs can be dug up from the sand.

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