San Blas Beach Rescue

Here in Borrego Beach, San Blas, there are currents and riptides that form as in any beach with decent wave action. There are also many tourists who don’t know how to swim and underestimate the water. Luckily for everyone there are active lifeguards on duty during the day. They are all surfers and excellent swimmers, after all the surfers are the original lifeguards. In fact most San Blas surfers have taken part in rescuing someone whether they are a lifeguard or not, as was my case the other day in these weeks of Easter vacation, or Semana Santa as it is called in Spanish.

That said, please always be aware of currents and wave conditions and stay safe. If you do get caught in a current, remain calm, swim out of the current rather than directly against it, and then to shore. Wave for help if you are in a lifeguard area. Here’s a video of a rescue yesterday when 4 swimmers got pulled out in a current in big waves.



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