What does ¨chido¨ mean, and how did San Blas Chido get its name?

¨Chido¨ is Mexican for ¨cool¨. If you spend some time travelling in Mexico, you´re bound to hear this word frequently. It is a collequial Mexican term, meaning you won´t hear it in other Spanish-speaking countries.

San Blas is a historic fishing town on the Mexican pacific, surrounded by an incredible wealth of natural resources such as freshwater springs, waterfalls and beautiful sandy beaches, still largely untouched by mass tourism and still authentically Mexican. Thanks to the richness of the ecosystems, you can see a wide range of wildlife from birds to crocodiles to whales and whale sharks. You can also enjoy this diversity in San Blas’s excellent seafood cuisine. San Blas is also legendary in the surfing world and a great place for beginner surfers or experienced surfers looking to find new and challenging breaks. And we think that´s pretty chido.

Other common mexican slang you may come accross include:

pedo – meaning either fart, problem, or drunk depending on its usage

guey – pronounced ¨way¨, meaning dude or man, for example ¨què onda guey¨ translates to what´s up dude?

¡no manches! – unbelievable!

¡órale! – awesome!

¡ándale! – expression of agreement or encouragement

For other fun Mexican slang words, check out this creative list.

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